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Script Your Success – Close More Deals!

Bringing up the topic of sales scripts is one sure way to induce an eye-rolling from a great number of professionals. They have their reasons: they may feel scripts are inflexible or at odds with a more spontaneous communication style. Perhaps they fear becoming dependent on a sheet of paper. Or maybe it induces flashbacks […]

Premier Development Solutions model for performance improvement

About Us

Premier Development Solutions, formed in 2005, is a team of elite industry leaders committed to partnering with you to ensure your success. CEO and founder John Lankford has hand-picked these all-stars based on their passion, business experience, and obsession with implementing systems that work. Named the #1 Business Coach in North America for the years […]


Differentiate or be Doomed

I attend a lot of conferences – by choice, not because I have to. Why? Because I feel that one should never stop learning. Expanding one’s knowledge base and learning new effective ways to communicate is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from everyone else. A few weeks ago I attended the International […]